5 Great Ways to Connect with the DOVIA Network

1) There is nothing more profound in this field than when volunteer managers get together to share ideas, work through collective challenges, and offer support to one another.  Our Idea Exchanges offer that exact opportunity. While typical networking events feel like speed dating and card swapping, Idea Exchanges engage volunteer managers to swap experiences and discuss creative solutions about a chosen topic.  See what's happening across Colorado!

2) But of course there is a lot of time in between Idea Exchanges, and while we might feel overrun with Social Media these days, DOVIA offers a LinkedIn group and a Facebook page where substantive conversations can take place.  Pose a question to your colleagues, answer another colleague's request, and watch for job openings, upcoming trainings, and new resources from experts in the field of Volunteer Engagement.

3) Looking for an organization that's similar in size or mission to discuss how a policy might work in your specific setting? What works in one organization, might not work in another. In addition to our member list, our Ambassador Network is a team of professionals who represent the many different types of nonprofits in Colorado, offering the chance to connect to others in your area (say, "Youth Mentoring," or "Outdoors,"), and to hear about trainings specific to those missions.

4) The benefits above aren't enough for us either ... so each year, we offer the Colorado Conference on Volunteerism! A rare opportunity to advance your skills, knowledge and networks specifically with other volunteer engagement professionals, this is an event not to be missed! We'll offer trainings, workshops, and speakers, and time for informal Idea Exchanges, networking events, and an important celebration of our profession. Check out highlights from our 2016 CCOV!